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Negative. I usually use a crack for the widescreen mod, but I just switched it out for the SecuROM version and ran swconfig and, sure enough, it's showing up as GameVersion=v2.10.427 in the report. It's also file version in the file properties menu, just like it should be.

It just wouldn't make any sense for the updated SecuROM version to be unpatched. AdolfSatan666 (lol), are you running swconfig.exe in XP SP2 compatibility mode as an administrator, like you need to do with every executable that this game has?

Well whenever I switch out the .exe with the SecuROM and run the config scan, it says the game is unpatched on the info.txt. And yes I am running the config on compatibility and as admin. I've also tried patching with the SecuROM and it gives me the error I was talking about before. It ONLY says the game is unpatched when I switch out the original .exe with the SecuROM.
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