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Originally Posted by Valkian View Post
I can't believe this. It has to be some kind of joke now. I mean, I know it's real, but it makes no sense. Does anyone know how many presidents LEC has had so far?
Rogue Leaders is a handy guide for this. Let me look it up...

Peter Langston (general manager) - 1982-1984
Steve Arnold (general manager) - 1984-1991
Doug Glen 1991-1992 (general manager) (Mojo lists R. Douglas Norby who was president of LucasArts from 1990-1992 when ILM fell under that brand too)
Kelly Flock - 1992-1993 (general manager)
Randy Komisar - 1993-1995 (1993 was the first year the game division became a wholly separate entity from Lucasfilm or ILM)
Jack Sorensen - 1995-2000
Simon Jeffrey - 2000-2003
Mike Nelson - 2003-2004 (acting general manager after Simon Jeffrey quit)
Jim Ward - 2004-2008
Howard Ruffman February 1, 2008-April 2, 2008 (stand-in president after Jim Ward quit)
Darrel Rodriguez - 2008-2010
Jerry Bowerman May 7, 2010-June 9, 2010 (stand-in president after Darrell Rodriguez quit)
Paul Meegan - 2010-2012
Kevin Parker (interim head of business operations) and Gio Corsi (interim head of studio production) - August 2, 2012-

So, there were 8 people who actually had the title "president" and 15 people who led the company (5 of whom had the title "general manager" and 2 who are co-leading the company in the interim). There's been 16 studio heads if you count R. Douglas Norby who was president of LucasArts when the "LucasArts" brand included both Lucasfilm Games and Industrial Light and Magic.

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