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Clothed Beginning 2.0

Firstly, this is only a minor side project; so, it will not hinder Echo of the Force's progress in any shape or form. Secondly, let me assure you that Echo of the Force is not dead. But, on to the real reason of the thread: After re-reading some comments about the original version, as well as a slight detour in KotOR I, I decided to make a new version of my Clothed Beginning mod. So, what will be different?

Changes from 1.0
- Clothes will now be found in a container (or corpse) on the Peragus Administration Level instead of pre-equipped in the kolto tank. (It will be scripted into the level as to avoid messing up any existing placeables.)
- Possible dialog conditional for Atton and Kreia's dialog.

At this point, it is mostly in planning stage. Before I get too far into development, I want some opinions on the following questions. (I already have my own ideas/plans for it, but I wanted input before I made my final choice.)

1) Location of clothes
- Before meeting Kreia?
- If not, before meeting Atton?
2) Dialog conditional
- If it's before meeting Kreia, would you like a conditional to get rid of the "you may wish to extend your search for clothes" comment?
- If it's before meeting Atton, would you like a conditional to get rid of Atton's "nice outfit" comment?
3) When released, would you like the original version included as an option? (i.e. have a "v1" folder in the zip)

When is the release date, you ask?

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