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The battle for Varik's mind was brief but fierce. Hord's influence, albeit in its weakened state, still controlled most of Varik's mind. However, the combined power of the three force-users destroyed what remained of Hord's defenses.

The surroundings of Varik's mind changed. What was once a vast, gray void, were now the sands of the Valley of the Dark Lords. Light and Per'dra were standing in the center of the Valley, with Varik's comatose body about fifteen meters away. Standing directly behind it was a dark specter, with black robes, and an even blacker, featureless mask. In it's hand was an ancient serrated warblade, and on his belt - the hilt of a lightsaber.

"The Valley of the Dark Lords." Hord said in a didactically tone. "The final resting place for some of the greatest Sith in history. A Force Nexus of dark power. It was here where I led my successful campaigns of Yn and Chabosh." Several tuk'ata appeared behind him. "And here was where I created the tuk'ata, learning from the ancient tomes of Karness Muur."

"This place has been a catalyst for all four of our lives, a shame that you never put it to much use beyond.", he said, berating the three.

"This isn't the last you've seen of me. I guarantee it.", he stated, and both he and the several tuk'ata disappeared in a swirl of black mist.


Varik, physically battered and worn, struggled to stand. He felt like death - utterly exhausted. He fell to the ground again, and spit blood out of his mouth. He pushed himself up with a groan, clutched his side, and looked at the others with a look of shame clearly evident in his eyes. He limped quickly out of the building, and moved swiftly towards the ship. Unwilling, or unable, to glimpse at Kif's broken body, he shut himself in his quarters, locking the door. He laid on the bed, staring at the ceiling.

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