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It seems to me that LEC was once allowed to be way more autonomous than they are today, with Lucasfilm execs who have no games industry experience casually switching out the presidents every two years (or less). Whether the president is a visionary genius or a stooge, that's not enough time to really establish a new direction for the company. It's like putting a pot of water on the stove for nine minutes when it won't come to a boil until the tenth minute - a waste of time.

I wonder what the recent coronation of Kathleen Kennedy as Lucas' successor means for the company? If she happens to like or have an interest in video games she could wield considerable influence over the company in a positive way. Lucas either lacked the interest or time to do anything but let the execs keep the divisions in check - a head honcho with more passion for what the developers are actually doing might go to bat for their work when some stuffed shirt opines, in order to prove that his job is valid, that the sixteen cent decrease in profits for the fiscal year calls for a change.
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