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((Adding a new character.))

Vlalkor watched with his blaster pistol pointed at Varik as he rose to his feet and simply let the building with a look of shame in his eyes. Vlalkor knew that he wasn't force sensative but he couldn't help but feel that something about him was different.

"Well...thats that I guess. We should probably regroup on the ship and discuss what happened here." He said quietly to Per'dra and the others as he turned and left the building. He was carefully following Varik just in case and he boarded the ship and watched as he ran to his bunk and shut the door behind him.

Something is wrong here, he couldn't help but think.

Dune sea

The sounds of lightsaber combat could be heard throughout the dune sea as two figures battled it out. One was wearing the armored robes of a sith warrior and was smiling a dark smile as he toyed with his opponet who was wearing the robes of the sith assassin and was using a double bladed lightsaber. The one wearing the assasin robes was quickly losing ground and was struggling to hold her own as she attempted to counter the lightsaber strikes from her foe

"Your life was over the moment your master died." The warrior chuckled. "You should have known that acts of mercy would result in your death."

The assassin brought her lightsaber above her opponet and attempted to try and strike her opponet near the neck only to have him block the attack and his lightsaber made a medium size cut on her arm.

"The thing you seem to forget Velros is that I was trained by Darth Toriyas herself while you trained at the feet of a lowly overseer." She gasped as she suddenly used what was left of her strength to blast the warrior with force lighting.

The warrior never saw it coming.

As the warrior roared in pain, a small opening appeared in his movements and the assassin slammed her lightsaber into the warrior's stomach and than quickly pulled it back out and slammed the lightsaber hilt against his neck, breaking his neck.

The assassin smiled grimly as she looked out across the dune sea and her gaze fell on her own small wrecked ship. She had been shot down and she had no idea where the warrior had hid his ship. She couldn't sense any other lifeforms.

Please don't let me die out here...she thought as the smiled faded and she began walking what she thought was north. She had passed over a small town when she had been coming in for a crash landing and she hoped that she was heading in the right direction.

I've come too far to be stopped by a desert...I've survived assassination attempts and traps and betryals from those I trusted most. I won't die! she thought, she was so tired and out of focus that she accidently transmitted part of her message through the force. Since she wasn't at full strength the message didn't go far.

But it went far enough.


Zarev muttered quietly to himself as he tried to sit up as he heard a whisper through the force.

Betrayels from those I trusted...Won't die...I won't die!

He tried to reach out through the force and tried to locate where the whisper had come from but in his weakend state he could only tell that it was from somewhere on Tatooine...

"Vlalkor...he said quietly as he watched the solder walk by the door. "When Per'dra is onboard...I need to talk to her. There's something wrong...someone is in trouble here. But I can't locate them..."

"understood sir." Vlalkor said as he headed to the bridge.
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