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As Vlalkor continued on his way to bridge he saw Per'dra board the ship. He could tell that she was angry But he had been assigned to assist the jedi in anyway possible and since Zarev was in too much pain to move he had to ask her for him.

"Excuse me, Knight Per'dra. I was just visiting with Zarev and he asked if he could speak with you. He seems to think that there is someone on Tatooine in trouble but he can't get a fix on whoever it is in the force. I'm not going to say that I know about jedi stuff but I'm going to assume that it's some sort of jedi matter."

With that, Vlalkor turned and headed for the bridge.

Zarev heard some of the conversation from the medbay but the majority of it was blocked from his mind as he heard the same voice that he had heard when he had been fighting the assassin echo through his mind again.

Can't stop...Can't stop...Someone stop me...

Who are you...?he thought to himself as he tried to get a fix on the voice through the force but he couldn't sense anything except the words echoeing through his head.
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