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"Is...anything wrong?"

Zarev nodded. "I think that there is some sort of force sensative here. And I think that whoever it is is in trouble. Whoever it is...I was able to recieve a message through the force although I think the message was not meant to be heard."

Zarev lowered his head in shame. He was still too weak after his battle with the assassin to locate whoever this was. "I can tell that whoever this person is, they're on Tatooine but I can't focus in on their exact location."

"I'm hoping that you might be able to get an exact fix on whoever this is and direct Vlalkor to pilot the ship to their location to see if we can help. And...there is another matter...something I'm still not sure about."

Zarev raised his head. "I think someone is trying to contact me through the force. Something other than this mysterious person on Tatooine. I can hear the same words echoing through my head but I can't locate whoever this person is through the force."

He smiled sadly. "You must think I'm crazy. Hearing these voices in my head must make you think that I've gone off the deep end. But despite the remote possibility, I think this second voice could somehow help us find Voleran."

"The mission was harder than I ever thought it would be. Is that how you feel, too?"

Zarev looked up at her and smiled weakly. "To be honest, I didn't think that I was ready for a mission like this at all. But yes...I didn't expect it to be this difficult. I assumed that there would be fighting but...not on a scale like this."
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