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The female Jedi Knight nodded. "Varik's being overtaken by Tulak Hord certainly didn't help things. How and why in the Force did that Sith Lord target him at this particular point in time? Hord has been dead for far longer than I've been alive, and I know for certain that presences like his don't just reach for random targets when they find it convenient." She voiced a suspicion that she had never dared to before. "I'm not saying that Varik wanted to be in league with Hord, but something tells me there was an uncharacteristic weakness in our comrade's mind. A fissure in his mental armor, so to speak, upon which Hord capitalized."

Raising an eyebrow, Per'dra turned to Zarev. "You believe that someone is trying to contact you through the Force? I don't think you're crazy--in fact, far from it. When I was on Korriban, being tortured by the Sith in the last mission upon which I was sent, my own Master tried to do the same thing. Yun Xiaolin did succeed, and perhaps I can help you find out who's trying to succeed in contacting you. In order to do that, however..." She trailed off.

Folding her legs into a lotus position as she sat on the floor of the ship, she told Zarev, "Please take hold of my hands. It will help me attune to your mind, and to the frequency on which this person--or people--wants to reach you."
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