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So what did I loose from this thread...

There was a big post about ideas I was going to add to the mod while I'm waiting for voice actors.

One was about creating a face generator program. It was a seperate program you would start before playing TSL or TJM, which would allow you to select basic face shapes, skin tone, eye colour etc, then load it up into the game. I near abandoned this one though when it transpired how many thousands of different texture files I would have to create.

The second idea was to expand on the romance options available in TJM. Rather than have characters magically fall in love with you simply because to talk to them occasionally, you would have to declare your intentions. As the game progresses, if you have impressed them with gestures or certain quests, you can propose a 'date'. You will then spend some time at a cantina together, and should they like you enough, will agree to come back to your apartment.

At the apartment, there will be a few activites available, including something around the bed. Nothing explicit of course, it'll all be PG-13 certificate stuff, but I'll be playing with cameras and the fade in/fade out function.

As part of this, I decided I would create a penthouse apartment on Coruscant the player can receive. I have now finished this. Also had some problems with it that newbiemodder helped to fix.

Sound and lighting need to be fixed, but here's what I have right now :

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