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Originally Posted by Alexrd View Post
That's true. But creating a single player RPG would remove a lot of people from TOR.

No, it isn't.

A game doesn't need to be the same genre to get a certain audience from another game.
True that it doesn't HAVE to be the same genre but i would say the genre is over 70% of the draw. You very seldom see CoD players as the same people that stayed on WoW for 5 years and as an RPG player i hardly ever play FPS games...i think the last FPS game i played was the original Halo.

Edit: Also ToR is pretty low pop wise for an MMO anyways especially when F2P MOBA's are beating it in the active account department. Also i would guess Perfect world and Forsaken world are also crushing it on population and WoW...well lets not even compare it to WoW population wise lol.

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