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"Please take hold of my hands. It will help me attune to your mind, and to the frequency on which this person--or people--wants to reach you."

Zarev was speechless for a moment. He didn't expect Per'dra to believe him honestly but he was relieved that she did. It was nice to work with someone who had also had someone communicating with them through the force.

"Very well...I must warn you though...since my master died, I have been having trouble centering myself. So...just be careful."

Zarev, with some slight hesitation took ahold of Per'dra's hand and began tryinig to clear his mind. He succeded after a few moments just as the voice that had tried contacting him earlier spoke to him once again.

Stop me...Stop me...I can't stop... the voice repeated over and over in a voice that had no emotion to it. Stop me...stop me...I can't stop

Dune sea

Her body was failing her.

The assassin muttered nonsense to herself as she attempted to try and find out where she had gone wrong. She should have been able to see some sign of life even if it was a mosture farmer or a tusken raider but instead she saw nothing but endless dunes of sand as far as the eye could see.

I either need to find help or I'm going to die out here. She thought. She now had two options: Die out in the sands of tatooine and let the sith win by having her die.

Or send out a call for aid through the force and hope that someone heard her plea for help.

She reached out through the force, using the last of her strength to search for a mind that was force sensative, that could hear her plea for aid. she sent through the force as the last of her strength left her and she collapsed on the sand.

((LDR, do you think you could have Varik pick up her distress call and notify the others?))
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