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"Someone does indeed need help, but it chills me that this person's voice is utterly devoid of emotion. It's almost as if he or she were being turned into a droid, and that does a disservice to droids because most of them have more personality than their voice does. I hate to say it, but it scares me."

Zarev smiled weakly as Per'dra let go of his hand. On some level he felt disappointment but he didn't really know why. "It scares me as well. I don't know why this person has been trying to contact me but I won't let whoever it is down..."

"What's your theory on our 'contact'?"

"I don't know...All I know is that I started hearing this voice very shortly after our confrontation with the assassin on Tatooine. I can't help but think somehow the voice and the assassin are connected."

Vlalkor had been walking past the medbay when he heard Varik talking about soem sort of distress call being transmitted through the force.

"If you want to, I can pilot the ship to where the distress call is coming from. All you have to do is tell me where to go."
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