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While building a team, I guess I will let you guys know about what I'm doing in the meantime.

Since K3 is the supposed final KOTOR story, I want to give some context and back story to some of the characters and events that are in it. This ill be accomplished through...

(Still working on the name)
This will be a large mod for KOTOR 2 that will act as a sort of prelude to TSW.

What will the SE include?
  • Two new locations: Outlander Station and Ossus
    A possible new or returning party member
    Appearances of the following characters: Juhani, Jolee, Dustil, Mission, Zaalbar
    Expanded character stories for Bastila and Carth
    A new mission on Telos
    More Weapons and Armor-sets
    More specific actions of Revan to be chosen.
    Three expanded Endings: Destroying Malachor, Assuming the Dark throne, and an ending in which G0T0 defeated HK-47 on Malachor.

Will this be compatible with the Restored Content Mod?
  • Absolutely.

What specific actions of Revan will be defined?
  • Bastila's fate, the love interest (Bastila/Carth or Juhani), Whether HK was ever recruited, and the final fate of Korriban to name a few.

I will be working on this mod at the same time my team writes the stories for TSW. There's a reason I set to release date for 2017...

More to come later...

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