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"I know you, I know your kind. Your self-destructive code brings only destruction and ruin to everything, including yourselves. But there is some truth to your words. You were not strong enough to be considered a true Sith. You were weak, selfish, and foolish."

Avriela lowered her gaze for a moment before bringing them back up to be level with Varik's. Her gaze was cold. "I am being hunted across the galaxy for one reason and one reason only: I thought I could forge my own path across the galaxy. I thought that a sith should not torture and murder and cause chaos. That is not the path I walk. I showed mercy and compassion to my enemies and that brought unwanted attention to myself. As a result, I am now considered a disease among sith."

"Who knows what atrocities you've done, the innocents you've slaughtered, and your adherence to that path. It is one thing to meet a Sith, so infatuated in his ways, and then to cut him down - still clinging to that belief. But to meet a Sith surrendering, after untold years of cruelty, to suddenly turn from that path that they clang to for years - begging for forgiveness when the odds turned against them, is even worse. You are a disgrace. I should give you 'mercy' by killing you right here and now. But I won't. I could send you to a POW camp, send you to the mercy of a patriotic Republic crowd of millions, or I could send you back to the Sith. I show no forgiveness to your kind."

Avriela's voice was cold and filled with regret. "I'm sorry that thats the way you feel about me. I'm thankful that you saved my life, but n my travels across the galaxy I met Jedi like you, jedi who wished me dead and jedi who attacked me on sight.

Avriela smiled. "And everyone of them still live."
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