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"We can't believe a word she says, I don't think anything she just said was true" He drew one of his blasters out of his holster and pointed it in Avriela direction.

"Think about it, Varik pretends that he gets "possessed" by some sith spirit so he can betray us and still be considered an ally, hopping he could cut a few of us down while at the same time giving the rouge jedi Voleran time to finish business on tatooine, after that he leaves the ship to meet his sith contact and get paid whatever the sith was paying him to betray us."

Corsail took a breath then continued "This other jedi, Light, is an imperial spy working with Varik, and this other guy, whats his name? Oh yeah Traver, was apparently let in on the deal and went with them. Now that Varik has his pay he left Light and Traver behind to deal with us, while he go's back to the ship alone and....kills Vlalkor, the only person we left behind at the ship. He'll kill him and take our ship leaving us stranded on the planet."

Corsail looked around at everyone expecting them to see the truth in what he was saying.

Lets rock and role play!
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