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Originally Posted by machievelli View Post
It is plagerism only if you claim the work as your own, as in trying to sell it. All I mentioned is back story, and it can be doled out over a period of several chapters as you decide if you wish. As for 'taking' their work, I rewrote parts of both KOTOR game because I refused to accept the common view of them; having the Krayt Dragon eat Calo Nord for one, and since the info about the Mass Shadow Generator's deployment was so vague I put my own version in, which included someone else setting the blasted thing off just when the Republic was winning instead of what Emperor Devon came up with, which was Revan committing mass murder to get rid of the Jedi that weren't already on her side (My Revan and Exile are both female), while killing off about three million others in the process.
Ah so i could have just added the back story they already had about his survival as long as i made it clear that it was their work not mine? That would have helped alot in the explanation of the set up. Although i don't know what they were thinking when they wrote his survival many questions i had about that lol.

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