Thread: The Walking Carpets Let's Kill Something as a Guild.
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Can we kill something as a guild again? Not a major op, and it doesn't have to be a WB run. Just something that we can do as Walking Carpets for an hour or so that doesn't require everyone be at the same level.

It's just that yesterday I had to pay a visit to Ord Mantell and... I had an overwhelming urge (probably from the Darkside) to go to that island and just kill all the Savrips all at once, just for the heck of it.

I still want to kill that super-wampa Frostclaw in that H4 mission on Hoth. Killed me and three others in the group I was with in like 30 seconds--twice! Got another group a day later and...same thing happened. -.- His furry days are numbered. In fact, I might try to get him again tonight when I get home from work...

Or if we can't agree on what to kill, maybe we can try a pantless WB run?

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