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dentist appointment went better than it did at basic. i guess saying yeah i can feel that it hurts should've been said at basic when i was getting the one filling...the dentist did a very good job as i dont have much pain (very very minor) on that side of my mouth, cold doesn't hurt it as bad as i thought it would either. just waiting for lhi to get my wisdom teeth extraction appointment set. of course they're taking their time. laziness i think.

been working out more, ran the lake yesterday, beat my time by 2 minutes. so that's 3.5 miles in 31 minutes 37 seconds. want to get my time down to 28 minutes. one of the only times i've ran it without stopping after 2 miles. just kept saying run for a set amount of time, not distance hit 30 minutes and was like well im already this far might as well run to the finish line and complete it.

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