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You are both welcome, but the big thanks should go to Mav/Jeff and the people from CA. They made the Ops way easier than it is normally with a pair doing a Ops for the first time.

JasraLantill sorry about the death, I was busy healing Karyna, didn't know she was afk at the time, but should have known with the damage she was taking and was not using defensive screen and/or healing herself. It was my mistake.

Also don't worry about the Infernal Council fight. Anyone that has done EV as a scoundrel knows that fight is a utter pain for us. Karyna makes it look easy, because of her gear and experience. I've gotten fairly good at it too, thanks to her telling me what to do. Your best moves are utterly useless after the first two moves.

My tactic is to use stealth before the fight starts and be behind its back. As soon as someone hit the switch I use shot first, dirty kick and run for a corner away from the group to use AOEs. While running I use a heal on myself and then turn and put flyby down right on top of me. On the normal healer Infernal Council member they hit hard so you have to use your interrupt whenever it is off of cool down and defensive screen the other times. Whenever you use defensive screen use this time to top yourself off with health, I also use pistol whip every time it is up because it grants me upper hand and gives me a access to a quick no energy cost heal and also give me access to pugnacity. Beyond that I just Blaster Volley, tendon blast, quick shot and thermal detonator my way to victory. If at anytime I feel overwhelmed, then I use a med pac and my adrenal, but that does not happen often anymore, so the fight does get easier as you gear and gain experience with it.

Again thanks to all. Special thanks to Jeff and Mav for making this way easier than it should have been.

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