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Per'dra Yllari blinked. Hard. "You've definitely thought this situation through very deeply," she told Corsail, "and I can see the merit that your theory holds. Varik could very well have pulled the proverbial wool over our eyes when he said he was possessed by Tulak Hord, but the thing is, I felt Hord within him. If Varik had only been pretending, Light and I would have known he was when we took a journey into his mind. We would have seen through his deception. True, Light could be a spy for the Empire, but from what I've heard, it takes a Sith Lord's degree of talent with the Force to pull off the 'battle' with Tulak Hord. To co-create that deep of an illusion, within someone else's consciousness, is a feat that no one that I've ever heard of can perform--or equal." She sighed.

"It could be that we're all being played for fools, and we need more than the hope that we're not being played for fools in order to continue! Is there some kind of test we can do with Varik and Light, besides killing them outright?"
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