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Avriela took light's offered hand and was able to get to her feet and smiled in thanks. She turned to look at Corsail and shook her head.

"I can assured that I've never met any of you before and therefor have no way of being in league with anyone."

"You can't really be falling for this can you?"

Zarev blinked in confusion as he heard Corsail's theory. Wow...Hes really thought this out. Of course none of it can be true but's almost as if hes suffering from extreme paranoia.

He looked over at Light and Traver. "Light helped us in finally defeating Tulak Hord and I'm sure I would sense some sort of killing intent if he and Traver were here to kill us but right now I don't sense anything close to that."


Vlalkor was sitting in the medbay making sure that Kif was alright when he heard the sound of the holoterminal activating.

"Hello? Is anyone reading me?"

Vlalkor made sure that Kif was stable and headed over to the holoterminal and saw a holographic image of Grand Master Satele Shan.

"Master Jedi. This is Vlalkor, I'm from Havoc Squad and have been assigned to assist in the mission. The rest of the group is currently investigating some sort of distress call. They should be returning shortly."

The Grand Master nodded once. "We have a new lead on Master Voleran. One of our knights managed to catch his trail for a short time. He stole a ship from Tatooine. The knight managed to hit his ship with a tracking device but we lost the signal a few hours after he entered hyperspace. Based on his trajectory we believe he is either heading to Nar Shaadda or Balmorra. Once the others come back let them know about this new development. We'll contact you with future updates."

Vlalkor nodded and the holoterminal shut off.

Unknown Location

"My lord, it appears that the assassin we dispatched has failed in her mission. I sensed her death through the force. We believe that one of the jedi that is traveling with the group is responsible."

The mysterious figure smiled darkly. "But we do have an accurate count on how many there are, Am I correct?"

"Yes my lord. We now known how many there are, their skills in combat and detailed information on the ship they are traveling on. We should be able to track them wherever they go."

The figure thought for a moment as he thought about their style of combat and with the ease that they had defeated his first drone.

"Voleran is heading to Balmorra so that I can influence the mind of the Sith overseer that leads the planet through him. Once that is complete, he will go straight to Yivoren so that one of my drones can obtain the data."

The figure thought for another moment. "We can't risk this group catching up with him. We recently managed to take control of the mind of one of the Dark Council, correct?"

"Yes my lord. Darth Sevairis is a new member on the council and was corrupted before he joined. He is extremley formidable in combat and has been charged with the murder of seven jedi masters during the war and nearly a dozen knights."

"Dispatch him to Balmorra. I want these insects dealt with."
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