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Your computer is not very old. You could substantially increase your PC's gaming performance by replacing just a few components:

1) Get a new video card. That 5570 is pretty weak. This is probably the best deal on modern, lower mid-grade card right now. The deal ends tomorrow, so you'll need to jump on it now. I guarantee that the difference will be night and day compared to that 5570, and, since your motherboard supports Crossfire, you could get a second one when it's on sale and together they'll play just about every game on high settings at 1080p. This card also uses very little power, so a power supply upgrade won't be necessary unless you get a second one, and even then that would depend on what power supply you already have. I would recommend this card for a brand-new PC; not just an upgrade.

2) Upgrade to a Phenom II X4. Most modern games support four cores, and high-clock PII X4's are ridiculously cheap these days. I've seen 965 BE's go for $75. There's no sale going on that I know of at the moment, but that's likely to change.

3) 2-4 more gigabytes of RAM wouldn't hurt. 4GB would be no more than $30.

4) Solid-state hard drive prices are at an all-time low. Your motherboard won't allow the newest SATA III models to run at full speed since it's only SATA II, but the difference over a normal platter drive is very noticeable and will spoil you. Here's one for $60. Kingston drives are very reliable. I've gotten 4 of them for my family's computers and they've been going strong for a year and a half now.

So, for ~$270 your machine will perform like a different computer, and for a fraction of the cost of building a new one.

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