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I spent all day today at work wondering what I would do if i had a magic genie and 3 wishes.

Some of the ideas I had

Being able to create a Dream Star ship which would allow me to develope and produce all associated technologies on and for the ship as well as, an Anti-Gravity generator, or inertialess field, a reactionless thruster that would allow several hundred gravities of thrust and a 100% efficient matter to energy conversion power plant

Perfect health and Immortality (stop aging)
Become the best in the world at something. Martial arts, curling, flying, some scientific field....

A way to create food from basic matter and solve starvation.

The means to keep all the above to myself and stop people trying to steal it or copy it unless I allowed it

Money wasn't really an issue, i figure if i got a hold of some uber technology money wouldn't matter to me anymore

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