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No, what you're referring to isn't the same thing at all.

Granted having an NPC stand in for the player is possible - The Witcher, for example - but not with the way the game is currently set up.

As far as voiced PCs go, I'd say I prefer voiced over unvoiced, but definitely not in the case of a KOTOR style dialogue tree. I don't really mind reading the dialogue options; the main benefit for having a voiced PC I see is that you can have fewer dialogue options, reduce it down to the important player choices and skill-based stuff like persuasion, and make the rest essentially a cutscene. Having the PC voice exactly what you just read every time - again, The Witcher for the most part - is just tedious, makes it even slower. Then again, I also hate it when the PC says something completely different from what I read - The Witcher 2, Mass Effect, and many others. So maybe I just can't be satisfied.

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