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The price is right there on the page. $105 after rebate.

The next tier up is at least twice as much for nowhere near double the performance, so I'd definitely get that one. That price ends at 12:00AM Pacific.

If you are looking for something better, I'd get a 7870 for $250. It's roughly twice as powerful as the 7770, but it costs 2.5x as much. Its main advantage is that it will play just about any game out there on high settings at 1080p without any of the drawbacks associated with a Crossfire setup, so it might be worth it to get one of those instead. You might need to upgrade your power supply, though, depending on what you already have.

I'd definitely jump on that $60 SSD that I linked to above though. You can't beat < $.50/GB, and the effect that it will have on performance will be worth it.

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