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Is the Double Fine Adventure documentary awesome or what?

We don't talk a lot about DFA on the front page despite all the exciting stuff we all (because who among us isn't a backer, honestly?) have seen shared on the private forums out of respect, but there needs to at least be a thread on the project.

Y'know, I'm sure the game is going to be lights-out excellent and all, but I don't know if the work 2Player Productions is doing isn't going to end up being the more impressive achievement. Their documentary series has been superb so far, and it's definitely a more intimate, educational and compulsively watchable peek at a game's production than I've ever seen before. It's an important project, I think.

Even if I didn't already "know" most of developers involved and therefore had a vested interest in them (the material where they stalked Peter Chan, Scott Campbell and Nathan Stapley to their homes in this latest episode was fantastic), I'd be glued to the screen, but for the likes of us this is captivation cubed. The Double Fine crew is such an ideal group of folks to try this experiment on due the percentage of industry veterans they house, the uncommon charisma of Tim and the independent spirit the studio maintains. Plus it has 100% more Chris Remo than any other game development documentary to date.

Anyway, this thread needs to exist. Double Fine Adventure/"Reds"!
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