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Post help...?


So i need not much of a tech person but i love my games modded. I just got a Macbook upgraded to Mountain Lion. And bought the appstore version of the game.

Last time i played kotor was on my old mac and i bought a digital download of it for mac. And i dont ever remember running into any difficulties with mods.

So anyway I remembered i needed an Overwrite folder...but i couldnt find it ANYWHERE! so after some detective work on the interweb i found this lucas arts forum detailing how to make the overwrite folder! YAY! PROBLEM SOLVED!!

So i downloaded my mods...

...and started the game! yay! at first glance it seemed to work...the power overwhelming mod showed up perfectly...but everytime i put on darth bandons clothes the game would crash....AND ITS BEEN A LIVING HELL EVER SINCE!!! I cant figure this out and its so frustrating....i know there is something im not doing but i cant figure it out! every mod that changes an appearence causes the game to crash!

I hope someone will read this and be smart and nice enough to help!!
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