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"While you were gone we recieved a transmission from Tython, it was Grand Master Satele Shan actually. It seems that the Jedi briefly managed to track Voleran. It seems that hes either heading to Nar Shaddaa or Balmorra. The Grand Master is going to contact us with future updates as they come. The bottom line is that Master Voleran is no longer on Tatooine. We need to get the others and try and find out if which planet he's heading to."

"Nar Shaddaa's too obvious. My gut tells me that they're heading to Balmorra.", Varik replied.

He walked to the other side of the room.

"Oh, and I almost forgot. Remember that 'distress call'? Turns out it was a Sith. Per'dra thinks we could trust her. I think she's going to betray us all. Keep an eye on her when she boards the ship, will ya? I already confiscated her lightsaber.", he added, holding up her lightsaber.

He walked into the med-bay to check up on Kif.

"Hey...Kif. Are you alright?", he asked.

Kif stirred, and promptly turned to the other side of the bed - puking a sickly mixture of vomit, blood, and sand.

"Yeah. I'm fine. I'm just blinded. That's all. And a few bruises and stuff, you know?", Kif replied in his humorous tone.

"Yeah. Kif...I'm...sorry. I truly am.", Varik said, hurtfully.

Kif's body suddenly grew tense.

"Sorry? Is that all you could say? YOU NEARLY KILLED ME YOU BASTARD!", Kif screamed.

He frantically moved his hand around to find his blaster, and then pointed it at the general direction where he thought Varik was.

"You blinded me, broke my arm, shattered by ribs, fractured my leg, dislocated my shoulder, caused internal bleeding near my vital organs. I could barely breathe."

"And all you can say is sorry?", Kif said in a vehement tone.

"Kif...I...", Varik sputtered to say.

"Get the hell out of here before I kill you.", Kif said.

"Kif, you don't understand...", Varik pleaded.

"GET OUT!", Kif screamed, firing a blaster shot at Varik.

Varik ducked, and then rushed to his quarters, locking the door behind him.

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