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Now Jigos has the right idea... and don't look at me that way. If you have the screen off and keep it off you can push the J3 for a week. I love it, it's awesome, that kind of battery life is enough to kill for cause it basically means that at no point will you face a situation where you run out of battery and then there's suddenly no music... that would be a NIGHTMARE.

1. How big is your library?
Let's just say I am planning to invest an a NAS which will have a number of hard drives in a RAID10 array... there's just not enough room with what I have currently.

2. Is it ordered/neat or not?
Very organised, very neat. If it's not tagged and doesn't have an album cover or missing info or whatever, it's in a folder where it's awaiting being tagged and organised accordingly. I do everything manually because I've found the various programs that have auto-taggers to be pretty damn inaccurate when it comes to certain music I have.

3. What program(s) do you use to manage your library?
Mp3tag and Windows Explorer... edit tags with Mp3tag and move stuff into appropriate folders based on music source, artist, album, etc...

4. What media format(s) do you use?
FLAC and MP3. FLAC for archiving and playback on PC and MP3 on my Cowon J3... even though it can play FLAC as well lol. It's only 32GB so I do it to save space.

5. What is your primary player?
Cowon J3 Portable Media Player... and on my PC, believe it or not.... Zune Player, it's surprisingly good.

6. What headphones/speakers do you use?
Sony MDREX510SLB In-Ear Headphones. It's not the most awesomely expensive best of the best headphones ever, but it's great for the price and very energy efficient. Plus, why buy the best of the best uber expensive headphones if you're listening to MP3? Anyway, these Sony ones act like ear plugs so it basically blocks out the entire world outside leaving only the music.

As for speakers. I route my PC sound through HDMI to my sound system... the speakers are big and they're loud and they're awesome. |

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