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+50 points to Jigos for a glorious save of the thread.

1. How big is your library?
72.9gb, ~23d
8,225 files
I keep rapidly adding/deleting files though. Don't like too much bloat.

2. Is it ordered/neat or not?
I meticulously pick out tags and album art, so yes, yes it is. >_> The folder structure itself is a bit messy but that's of no concern to me.

3. What program(s) do you use to manage your library?
MusicBee 2.0

4. What media format(s) do you use?
MP3. I haven't ever really noticed the difference between a .flac and a 320 bitrate .mp3, so I'm going to stick with .mp3 unless I have no choice. .flac just bloats out my music library.

5. What is your primary player?
MusicBee 2.0

6. What headphones/speakers do you use?
Sennheiser HD201 headphones, got em last year, very nice cans.

3. I Use MusicBee, which is a lightweight and powerful music manager. Got it because I hated how bloated itunes was.
*puts Jigos in the 'approved, true, tried and tested' list*

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