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Kind of with Lynk on this one. Not voting in poll, 1. depends on how you define each. I've seen people have very different definitions of each of them. 2. It depends on my mood which type is my favorite at any given moment.

1. How big is your library?
24.25 GB 4641 songs

2. Is it ordered/neat or not?
Pretty good at the artwork, but I don’t divide it out by Genre. I use iTunes, so it does, but I don’t always agree with iTunes.

3. What program(s) do you use to manage your library?
iTunes. Too lazy to use anything else.

4 and 5 see above

6. What headphones/speakers do you use?
Bose, both my car and home have Bose speakers, have headphones for iPod/iPhone but unless I’m mowing the yard/running I don’t use headphones.

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