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I love thousands of bands and artists, Cameo to Aerosmith, Daft Punk to Megadeth, Aretha Franklin to Dr. Dre. But I clicked all the votes that applied to me within that list, I don't feel I'm doing my musical snobbery a disservice by lowering myself to this Vote lol, its just a bit of fun

1. How big is your library?
2,522 tracks. 10 days. 20.22 GB

2. Is it ordered/neat or not?
Just have Playlists I'm currently listening to, I update and change continually

3. What program(s) do you use to manage your library?

4. What media format(s) do you use?

5. What is your primary player?
Phone, or computer.

6. What headphones/speakers do you use?
IPhone ear-buds.

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