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Originally Posted by CptPriceless View Post
TSLPatcher does not work on a Mac - maybe I didn't make that clear last time. This is because the TSLPatcher is an .exe file; only Windows or Windows emulators can use those files. This is where the VM comes in.

If you have a copy of Windows, you can install it on your mac via VM/Virtual Machine (try VirtualBox.. BUT ONLY IF YOU HAVE A WINDOWS OS AT HAND. Otherwise, don't bother.) Afterwards, within that virtual machine - if you have a Windows version of KotOR - you can install and run your game smoothly - with all the mods you want, as long as you install them correctly.

If you don't have a Windows available, once again, forget about the whole VM business. I don't have Mt. Lion, but I think that may be the problem - because I'm running Lion, and I ran KotOR with the mods you listed just fine. But that's just my perception. For now, tell me what graphics card your Mac runs with.

Click the Apple in the top left of your toolbar > About This Mac > More Info... Take a look at your graphics.

Well i have a Nvidia Geforce 320m graphics card
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