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KOTOR Collection won't launch in Windows 7

I am nearly at the end of my wits.
I had the original KOTOR II game, which wouldn't work despite the helpful stickies in this forum. Therefore, I turned to the collection, seeing that it supported Visa/Win 7.
So far, I'm not seeing this as true.
The first game works perfectly fine, but the second one crashes before it even begins. No error message, nothing. The cursor turns into a spinning disk, and then goes back to normal, with nothing happening.

I've uninstalled it and reinstalled it about 3 times already, and of course have it in compatibility mode with xP service pack 2, as well as the box to run program as administrator checked.

I contacted secuRom, but they basically said it wasn't their problem.

I have no idea what else to do, but I really want to play this game.
If anyone could really help me, I will personally dub you as a real-life miracle worker.
If you need more information about my system/game, please tell me how to retrieve that information. I'm not dense, but not immensely tech-savvy either. -u-'
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