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Originally Posted by Thrik View Post
Man, not put time aside to watch any of these yet. Is it the kind of thing I'll really benefit from watching before the game actually comes out, or might it be good to avoid spoilers and enjoy it after I've played the eventual game?
Right now it's not too spoilery, as they haven't figured out enough stuff to spoil anyway. So these first four episodes are relatively safe to watch (and extremely interesting). If you want to avoid early concept art though, don't watch episode 4. But... well... watch it anyway, as it's awesome!

Aside from that there are the "Sidequest" videos (4 for now), which aren't mainly about the DFA, but about the people in the team. You should DEFINTELY watch those. There's one with Tim talking about his time a LucasArts (14 minutes), one about his writing process on FT, Grim etc. (11 minutes) and one massive one of him playing DOTT for the first time after 10 or so years (40 minutes). The last one is about DFA art director Lee Petty.

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