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((Update time! ))

Three days later
En route to Quesh

Is it possible that you may be in love with Vette?

Toryal had had three days to think on that question and he still didn't have an answer for either Jaesa or himself. To be honest, he didn't know what to think. He knew that he cared for each member of the crew and would gladly fight an opponet to the death if it would save them if they were in danger, even Quinn despite the fact that he was responsible for Vette's current state.

He knew that the bonds that existed between himself and the crew went beyond the typical bonds between a sith and a slave. No...the bonds were almost like those of a family.

But his bond with Vette was something else. And he still didn't know what it was. She had been the first person in the galaxy that he felt he could trust and the first real friend that he had. She had had so many opportunities to betray him and run but she hadn't.

He looked down at the twi'lek and a small smiled formed on his face as he watched her sleep. Jaesa had told him yesterday that her treatments had finally driven the poison from her body and that all she needed was rest. Toryal leaned against the kolto-tank in the corner of the room and thought back to his first few days on Korriban.

He had been a power hungry fool back then. He had thought that despite being an alien he was above everyone else and that the life of a slave was worthless.

The more he thought about what kind of dark creature had had been back then the more it sickend him. The more he thought of the lives he had taken in cold blood, the innocents he had made him despise himself.

"What am I worth?" he thought to himself, he was so lost in thought that he didn't realize he was muttering what he was thinking.

"I'd say your worth quite a bit."

Toryal shot up and knocked his head against the kolto-tank and muttered a curse before looking down at the smiling face of Vette.

"Vette..." he said quietly. "I...I'm sorry, I should have known th-."

"You don't need to apologize. And I know it was Quinn that poisoned me. He must have found my stash of juma and added something to it. I...remember him bringing me a bottle of Juma while I was recovering from that blaster wound I got on Taris. He told me it was a reward for a job well done on Taris...I remember feeing this pain going through my body and the last thing I saw was him leaving the medbay.

Toryal moved over to the bedside and grinned. "Don't worry, I took care of Quinn. I told him that if he ever tried something like this again I would kick him off this ship and leave him on Tatooine. He's also no longer allowed to carry any sort of weapon while onboard."

Vette laughed. "Wow. I really wish I could have seen the look on his face when you said that. Looks like the high and mighty Quinn got taken down a few pegs."

Toryal smiled again. "Yes...if he wants my trust back he's going to have to earn it back.

Toryal was about to say something else when he felt a soft touch on his hand. He looked down and saw that Vette had grabbed his hand. She was looking up at him with a strange look on her face.

"You know...when I drank the poisoned juma...when I felt the toxin spreading though my body...I could only think of one thing: Will I ever see Toryal again?"

A tear was forming in Vette's left eye. "I was so scared when I thought that I might die without seeing you again."

Toryal found that he couldn't speak but his eyes never left Vette's. "Please...Just tell me you thought the same thing when you thought I was going to die. Just let me know you feel the same way."

Toryal stood still for a moment...he didn't know what to say. Vette however...didn't wait for an answer. Toryal suddenly felt her other hand pull him down towards her and his eyes widened as he felt her lips press against his.

It was the most glorious sensation he had ever felt in his life.

Toryal found himself returning the kiss and once it was over he looked down at her and she smiled again. "I guess I have my answer." Vette said with a large grin on her face.

Unknown to the two of them, Jaesa had been walking by just as Vette had awoken. She was going to check on her but instead she had seen something that had filled her heart with hope.

I'm glad to see that those two have found some happiness. she thought with a smile on her face as she turned and headed for the cargo bay to grab some supplies.
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