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Originally Posted by Lynk Former View Post
In which rulebook does it say you have to stick that kind of thing in RPGs only?
No rule; it just doesn't seem like a logical idea. I mean, why devote time and resources into a highly customizable player character creation process to the ends of promoting player immersion through sense of ownership, if the rest of your game doesn't follow the same principle?
It'd be like creating characters for a drama, and then switching the story to a comedy after the first act.

Well, I mean, I guess that would work if this was some intentional move in an arthouse film or something, but that doesn't seem like the kind of thing 1313 is aiming to be, you know? It's like, Hollywood, rather than Sundance. Player experiences and their structures are formulaic and intensive, rather than creative and subtle. Experimenting with them is too risky, and better left to small/Indie projects.

mfw I read the Revan novel

it is not a cry of joy.
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