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Originally Posted by Lynk Former View Post
I thought Dark Forces was meant to be like Doom.
To quote Wikipedia:
Unlike many other Doom-based games, Dark Forces attempted a realistic approach: The missions followed a certain storyline, sometimes interrupted by videos to progress the tale. Each mission had its own briefing and objective. The levels were designed to represent actual bases, mines, facilities, and other known places from the Star Wars universe, like Star Destroyer interiors, Jabba's ship, Coruscant, etc.

Still not a full-on clone.


Also apparently the Jedi game engine actually expounded on the doom engine's designs and added more capabilities such-as "room-within-room buildings which weren't present in doom or its copies. Dark Forces also relied heavily on puzzle solving which would have been risky if you consider the attention-span of doom shooters.


And if I learned how to read context better I would see you're talking about Dark Forces having already covering the "Doom" angle...sorry bout that diatribe there...

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