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TXI files not working?

Not all of them, no. Most things I have done, or things others have done, the shader effects work fine.

The problem here, is that I've replaced the commoner female model with the "Scout" model, and reskinned/renamed(mostly so I don't have to scour the appearance.2da for entries to change) the textures to match. I've gotten the textures to show up they should, although the shine on them doesn't work. Also, I have the female players set up for the same thing, and doing this somehow made the texture for them one lack the shader effect as well. Which is odd, since every other wearable item for the females do have the effect.

My thinking was that if the envmaptexture line in the appearance.2da file was set to "DEFAULT", then it would either be a texture that does not use a shader effect, or it would be a txi file that would specify it. Although, I have had a few instances of this happening, where giving a texture an alpha channel, and a txi file, the shader effect would not display, even with the "DEFAULT" entry in their line(not changed by me).

So is their an easy fix, or would I have to change the appearance.2da for this to work?

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