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Originally Posted by Q View Post
1) Did you patch the game?

2) Did you install the "high-quality" movies patch?

3) Is 640x480 among the supported resolutions in your graphics driver control panel?

4) KotOR 2 supports 1280x768 natively. All you have to do is change the width and height values under both [Display Options] and [Graphics Options] in the swkotor2.ini file.
Yes, the game is patched. I have the UK version, and used the 2-part patch for that version.

I do not have that patch, unless that is supposed to be a part of the aforementioned patch.

I cannot find anything to confirm or deny that in my control panel. I have the Intel HD Graphics 3000 Chipset with the latest drivers and I had thought that, like the flipping policy, it was simply not something the latest drivers had as viewable. I'm not especially savvy, though, so I suppose it's possible I just don't know where to look.

I'll have to try that, then. I wonder if it's not an issue with changing resolutions between gameplay and the FMVs; I can tell the game is not going to crash after the opening FMVs when I get the little message bubble alerting me that the game uses a resolution less than my screen's full resolution. I'll have to do a little experimenting.

EDIT: For clarity's sake, I feel that I should mention that so long as "disable movies" is checked in the configuration menu, the game runs fine. I just played it for a few hours today. It's just that it tends to crash more often than not if the FMVs play, and it always crashes if I try to manually skip it.
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