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Big things are coming...
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Arrow TOP Secret Project (Just kidding, it's all of the gritty details, or not)

Lately, I've noticed something. People around here decide to start a mod, and they detail all of the characters and the whole plot right at the beginning. While I admire all those folks' planning ahead, my friend Canderis and I disagree with this strategy. So, if you are reading this, and hoping to hear any details about this mod, then you had better try and find a different thread to read. Because this thread, this little corner of the Internet, will not share its secrets! It will take them to its grave (or wherever deleted threads go)!!!!

However, this is also a teaser thread, so prepare to be teased. I sure hope that you leave this thread more confused and curious than when you first opened it in your little browser. In fact, I hope that after reading all this, that your brain would lose some sense of exactly what modding is. I hope that you are inspired to be an astronaut, cosmonaut, or cosmetologist after viewing the teaser that is about to taze you. In fact, I hope that you devote all of your internet hacking skills away from the usual money-making schemes just to discover exactly what is going on here.

I guess the first thing that I should talk about is exactly what a mod is.

"Well, what is a mod?" You might ask.

Well, that is an excellent question. And I do not intend to answer it here. Because if you are here, then you should know exactly what a mod is, and you would not have the slightest inclination to ask "Well, what is a mod?".

But, if you were to ask, "Well, what is a mod?" I might answer you with a song.

To be sung to no particular tune:

-The Mod Song-















I hope that after hearing those special words, that you are brought to tears, and that your soul can rejoice at finding the true meaning of Mod.

But, lo, there are people to be teased! So let the SEVENTY-FOURTH-ANNUAL-HUNGER-GAMES-BEGIN!!!

Sorry, I meant:

But, lo, there are people to be teased! So let the GIZKA-INVASION-COMMENCE!

There's going to be lots, and lots, of GIZKA!!!!

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