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Originally Posted by MsFicwriter View Post
(Looks at screenshot) Two words, stoffe: Mind. Blown. Have you created a backstory for your Sylvarian Empress of the Grave? If not, what's her name? She looks strikingly riveting! That settles it. I am DEFINITELY getting GW2 now so I can play with you (in the game). :P
Not much room for backstories for a sylvari character since they're quite literally born during the tutorial following character creation.

(Sylvari are plant beings that are "born" from the Pale Tree as full-grown adults with a sort of collective racial memory that teaches them certain skills and knowledge about the world from the start. Though they tend to still be quite naive and regard the world with the wide-eyed wonder of a small child. The first sylvari was born into the world only 35 years prior to the events of the game, so they're a quite young race.)

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