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Originally Posted by Sith Holocron View Post
There's still the lipsync (and possibly some animating) that would have to be done for thousands of lines.
The lipsync would be painful to do.. So much copying and pasting.. ugh.

Basically you'd just need a modder who knew lipsyncing, knew dialogue files and maybe a little scripting. The modder would have to be VERY dedicated (or just like tedious work) plus the two voice actors would need to love doing thousands of lines.

Maybe as an alternative, for those who actually want voiced PCs, we could only have the major conversations be voiced?

Stuff like

when you confront Bastila atop the Rakatan temple


when you face Malak on the Leviathan


the last talk with Malak before you fight him on the Star Forge

It would lessen the workload considerably, but it might be jarring to have some dialogue be voiced and the majority of it be unvoiced.

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