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Is there any chance the Mos Eisley models could work in KotOR 1?
Sure, I can run the model thru Kaurora for a K1 version. No problemo.

Might I suggest a larger landing area for the Ebon hawk than the one seen in KotOR1?
It's been a while since I played K1 so the memory is a little foggy. I am basing my docking bays on Ep4 NH Falcon escape as well as images collected from google. They seem kind of small and compact.

Looking good, newbiemodder!
Nice work. You're just such a badass.
Thanks. My ego appreciates it.

Very nice! I'm curious as to where you are going to get the textures from.
I was just going to port them......just kidding. I will do my best to find something similar to K1 pics. I know there is a nice sand ground texture on K2 Korriban. I hope to match the blue sky as close as possible and find a similar sand/stone texture for the buildings. The nice thing about Tatooine is that most of the buildings are similar in color and texture. Not a whole lot of variation. K1 textures will provide a good base for comparison.

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