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"Apparently, this being who is attempting to contact you has been possessed by some sort of malevolent presence. Not only is it intensely evil, but also intensely powerful. "'He controls all'? That's not an exaggeration, even due to all the pain that the possessed being is experiencing. The sooner we get to Balmorra, the better, I say!"

Zarev slowly got to his feet and nodded in agreement. "Whoever this person is needs our help. But I am worried that if this being has the ability to control other people than whos to say that members of the Jedi order have been posessed as well? I'm not going to lie, I'm worried that he may have gotten to members of our order and may be using them to further his own goals. I agree with Per'dra, the sooner we arrive on Balmorra the better."

"Please don't tell me that we're taking the sith with us, she'll be nothing but trouble, just put her back where you
found her and lets be on our way."

"Ex-Sith, remember. And while I'm all for speed in our assigned task, we did save her. Whether we take her with us or not, I propose a vote for the group, but being that they aren't all here, we should return to the ship. Plus, I think she just helped our friend here. The least we can do is get her somewhere safe."

Zarev looked over Avriela, knowing what she had seen an image of Per'dra in his mind and was slightly worried that she would tell her what she had seen. But at the same time he was slightly confused by her actions: She had nearly drained herself of nearly all of her strength to help him create a mental wall between his mind and the voice. She wasn't a typical sith.

"I think we should give her a chance. When I was in trouble she helped me with no hesitation and I could sense her intentions. I don't think she means us any harm but thats just my opinion. I say we take her back to the ship at least for a hot meal and than decide to either let us travel with her or give her some credits and send her on her way."

Avriela looked over the group. "I haven't had a hot meal in days so I would welcome something besides rations. All I ask is that if you decide not to take me with you at least let me have my lightsaber back. I've been hunted by sith forces for quite awhile now and I wouldn't last long without it."

Zarev looked over the group and at the speeder bikes. "We should get back to the ship as soon as possible. I no longer know who we can trust aside from the people in our group."

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