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All right, so I went and started scripting the things just to see if it'd even be possible to completely duplicate your PC (armor, weapons, head items, etc.). I got the spawning to work so the duplicate that spawns will be the right height/gender, but even the though the script that would equip the duplicate with the right stuff compiles, when I attempt to run it in-game the script doesn't work. Here's the script itself:

void main()

   object oPC = GetFirstPC();

   object oDuplicate = GetObjectByTag("dup_pcfm");

   object oRWep = GetItemInSlot(4, oPC);

   object oLWep = GetItemInSlot(5, oPC);

   object oHGear = GetItemInSlot(0, oPC);

   object oArmor = GetItemInSlot(1, oPC);

      string sTRWep = GetTag(oRWep);

      string sTLWep = GetTag(oLWep);

      string sTHGear = GetTag(oHGear);

      string sTArmor = GetTag(oArmor);
         object oRWepD = GetObjectByTag(sTRWep);

         object oLWepD = GetObjectByTag(sTRWep);

         object oHGearD = GetObjectByTag(sTRWep);

         object oArmorD = GetObjectByTag(sTRWep);

         CreateItemOnObject(sTRWep, oDuplicate, 1);

         CreateItemOnObject(sTLWep, oDuplicate, 1);

         CreateItemOnObject(sTHGear, oDuplicate, 1);

         CreateItemOnObject(sTArmor, oDuplicate, 1);

            AssignCommand(oDuplicate, ActionEquipItem(oRWepD, 4, TRUE));

            AssignCommand(oDuplicate, ActionEquipItem(oLWepD, 5, TRUE));

            AssignCommand(oDuplicate, ActionEquipItem(oHGearD, 0, TRUE));

            AssignCommand(oDuplicate, ActionEquipItem(oArmorD, 1, TRUE));

               DuplicateHeadAppearance(oDuplicate, oPC);

I put in a sendmessage to PC function in various spots a bit ago, to see if it was cutting off at some point, and apparently it cuts off after the CreateItemOnObject. Now I know both JCarter and Hassat Hunter, who are both very good at scripting, have looked at this thread so I was wondering if they, or anyone, could help me figure out what the problem is with the script.

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