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Oh, it's possible. I've already written a script for that in K2; it also copies appearance. Should work in K1 as well. Thanks, by the way... I try my best.

Here's a fragment... or rather some fragments as I cut out the K2-only stuff:
int iI;
  for( iI = 0; iI <= 19; iI++ ) {
	ActionUnequipItem(GetItemInSlot(iI, oClone), TRUE);
  for( iI = 0; iI <= 19; iI++ ) {
	if( GetIsObjectValid(GetItemInSlot(iI, oTarget)) ){
		AssignCommand(oClone, ActionEquipItem(CreateItemOnObject(GetTag(GetItemInSlot(iI, oTarget)), oClone, 1, 1), iI, TRUE));
ApplyEffectToObject(2, EffectDisguise(GetAppearanceType(oTarget)), oClone, 0.0);
One issue is there's no way to get a weapon's template; I had to resort to grabbing the tag and assuming it's the same as the template. It usually is, but that might not be the case for a few items. Shouldn't matter too much though.

Also, K1's inventory slots don't actually go up to 19, but that shouldn't matter. Feel free to change it to the correct number; I'm too lazy to look it up... probably 17 but meh.

I imagine one would also desire to make the player invisible. I'm not 100% sure how one would do that in K1 (I always use the supper cheap Lightsaber_Floating appearance for K2), but it's probably possible.

Incidentally, I've done all of the above with feats, powers, skills, class, level, and attributes in K2. That's not all possible in K1. I can fully clone any creature in K2... and I'll be releasing this quite soon.

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