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Originally Posted by JCarter426 View Post
Well, that's good news. That means it is recognizing which slots are filled. Is there a chance it's not grabbing the clone object correctly? That would be my guess. GetNearestObjectByTag might fix it. You could also try:
object oClone = CreateObject(whatever, whatever)
No I don't think it could be that. I spawned the clone with a different script to make sure it had the right gender and class (height). All the variations of the PC that can spawn have the tag "dup_pc". There templates are different but I don't think that'd make much of a difference...

I had it running the duplicateheadappearance function rather than the stuff you gave me to change the appearance and it did change the head to the correct one, but no inventory change. The duplicate has proficiency all as a feat, so that shouldn't be a problem either.

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