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Something about Avriela reminded Per'dra not only of the Sith, but of one particular Sith. Pfon Urazhai had been cruel, cunning, deceptive and brutal. Once, Avriela was just like Pfon, aligned with the goals of the Sith Order. She has certainly repented quickly... "All right," she told Avriela. "I'll be watching you closely, cautiously, and without forgetting your former allegiance. However, I myself have been given a second chance after--" No. Not now. Not now, not ever. Master Lenina Karos' death was no accident, and still... "Never mind. We should head for Balmorra, with Avriela on board. Force help me, if either she or I fall, I'll--" She shook her head, clearing it of sudden anxiety.
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